This Summit Fever

Rock music from the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

This Summit Fever is the musical project of Andy Blackburn. Based in Shropshire, England, Andy has spent the first half of 2020 writing and recording songs alone at home due to the Covid pandemic lock down restrictions.

“I had a bunch of riffs recorded on my phone and since I couldn’t go out, I  spent my spare time constructing my riffs into full songs.”

Andy learned to play the drums and the bass to solve the social distancing problem, but this is a temporary fix as a drummer and bass player are ready to rehearse as soon as it is possible to do so. The recording and mixing was also a solo DIY project with the mastering being done by Metropolis.

Single 5 is called The Sorceress. It was released worldwide on all the major digital music platforms on the 6th of November 2020. The Sorceress is a step up in terms of songwriting and sound production. 

Single 4 is called Rumination State. The song is about being stuck in a negative state of mind and the importance of reaching out for help in times of crisis.It has been played on French Radio station Radio Lazer.BBC Introducing in Shropshire featured an interview with Andy and played the track on air.

Single 3 is called The Host and was released on the 7th of August. The Host was inspired by the idea of a parasite entering the body of another living organism and essentially controlling their hosts actions. BBC Introducing in Shropshire played The Host. V13, a Canadian Webzine did a full feature on This Summit Fever and the release of The Host.

Single 2 is called Ghosts and was released on the 10th of July. This song was inspired by a news story about a British man who starved to death in his own home due to his benefits being cut off. He had mental health problems which were known about, but still debt collectors were sent to his door. Ghosts was played on BBC Introducing, The Mike James Rock Show and on the Electric Stoner Podcast.

Single 1 is called Fury Pulled Me South and is about a struggle with mental well being. Fury Pulled Me South was released on the 5th of June and was selected by BBC introducing in Shropshire to be played on air. Fury Pulled Me South has also been played on internet radio station Hour Of The Riff and on Black Cat Radio.

An EP is planned for 2021.

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